CTRA Board Meeting Agenda: July 21, 2021

The next CTRA board meeting will be Wednesday, July 21, at 7:00pm outdoors at Mayfield Park, next to the College Terrace Library.

At this month’s meeting, the primary topic will be finalizing plans for an end-of-summer picnic at Werry Park, as well as our usual board observer updates. All neighbors are welcome to attend!

Reminders: Wellesley Project Hearing Tuesday and City Budget Priorities

Just a reminder that the City Council will pre-screen Cato Investments’ proposed development at the corner of Wellesley and College at a special meeting on Tuesday evening, May 18.  The full agenda includes instructions for making a public comment at the meeting. This particular agenda item is scheduled for 6pm.

Also, there are four days left to respond to the City‘s 2022 Budget Priorities Survey. While the City Council last week voted to reverse many of the proposed cuts in the 2022 budget (including cuts to service at the College Terrace library), this survey is still an important way to inform future budget discussions and let the Council know what services should be prioritized.