College Terrace Parking Permits Annual Renewal (9/1/23 – 8/31/24)

The College Terrace Residential Preferential Parking (RPP) Program requires all vehicles to have a permit to park on designated streets for more than 2 hours between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. If parking for less than two hours, a permit is not needed. View the College Terrace map(PDF, 85KB) to confirm your block’s participation in the program.

Annual Permits (Sept 1 – Aug 31) can be purchased by RPP Program area residents and intended for use by the residents of a specific property within the RPP Program district.

Office of Transportation – Parking Program Support

Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST
Phone: (650) 329-2520

Book an in-person appointment

Have questions about parking? Need help with your parking needs? Appointments are available at City Hall with Parking staff. Book an appointment

Around the Terrace: July 28, 2022

Here are some recent announcements and news stories of interest to College Terrace and the surrounding area.

  • Dish Closure: August 1-14
    In what has become an annual ritual, the Dish Trail will be closed to the public starting Monday, August 1, and will re-open Monday, August 15 for summer maintenance work.
  • Time to Renew Your Parking Permits
    The renewal process for the College Terrace Residential Parking Permit Program (RPPP) will begin on Monday, August 1, 2022. Existing permits will expire on August 31 and a grace period will be recognized until September 30 for residents with a permit from the previous year. Keep in mind that the City handles all permit purchases and renewals online–visit the permit site here and view step-by-step instructions for using it.

Time to Renew Parking Permits

If you’ve purchased parking permits for College Terrace’s Residential Parking Permit Program (RPPP) in the past, you should have received a letter this month reminding you to renew your permits. Keep in mind that the City now handles all permit renewals online–visit the renewal site here and view step-by-step instructions for renewing.

For more information, visit the City’s parking website. Parking enforcement (ticketing) has been paused during the pandemic, but is currently scheduled to resume on October 1, 2021, so don’t wait on renewing those permits.

UniLu Considering EV Chargers

Update (January 15, 2021): Thanks for all the feedback! After surveying the neighborhood, the church was unable to generate enough interest to warrant installing EV chargers at this time.

University Lutheran Church, located on Bowdoin Street at Stanford Avenue, is interested in installing EV chargers that would be available for use by College Terrace neighbors. They’re currently trying to assess whether these chargers would be used. See the note below and let them know if you’d use these chargers.

Hi neighbors, 

Do you own an electric vehicle (EV) OR are you planning to make an EV your next car*?  If so, do you need access to EV charging stations in or around College Terrace?

We’d like to install EV charging stations for neighborhood use at Bowdoin and Stanford Avenue to support the growth of EV adoption.*

Would this be a valuable resource for you now or for a future resource? 

If yes, please let me know. 

Kim Marinucci Acker
Climate Action Team Leader
University Lutheran Church
kimacker @ gmail . com

* EV vehicles are becoming more and more affordable in the used market ($8,500-$19K) not including the reduced cost of ownership (no gas and greatly reduced maintenance–no oil, tune ups, transmission repairs)

Time to Speak Up About The GUP


The three-year long process of responding to Stanford’s long-term development proposal – the General Use Permit (GUP) – is finally drawing to a close. Our local supervisor, Joe Simitian, has done an amazing job of working to require full mitigation of the impacts of this growth. Now it’s time for us to support him in this effort.

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors will be meeting in Palo Alto on October 22 to hear from those of us who will bear the brunt of Stanford’s growth.  It is critical that we pack the City Council Chambers, so please mark your calendars.

Stanford GUP Hearing
Tuesday, October 22 at 6pm
Palo Alto City Council Chambers
250 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto

There are a couple pieces of really good news in the County’s proposed conditions of approval:  

  1. The no net new commute trips requirement is being retained plus there will also be a three-hour window added to the current “peak hour” both morning and evening. In addition, the trip counts will also include delivery/rideshare trips which are currently excluded as “cut-through” trips. 
  2. The Academic Growth Boundary, that mystical line that keeps Stanford development out of the foothills, is being extended to 99 years. 

But there are other things that could be better.  So whether your issue is traffic, housing, public school funding, open space, flood protection, Caltrain grade separations, bird-friendly building design, something else, or all of the above, the Supervisors need to hear from you (or at least feel your presence).  They are likely to vote on the GUP on November 5, so now is the time to weigh in.  Please plan to attend!

The final hearing is scheduled to be held at the County Building in San Jose:

Tuesday, November 5 at 1:30pm
Board of Supervisors’ Chambers
County Government Center
70 West Hedding Street, 1st Floor, San Jose

Hope to see you there.

Pria Graves
CTRA Stanford Observer