College Terrace Parking Permit Program, Year 9: $10 Increase

The ninth year of the College Terrace Residential Parking Program (RPPP) begins on September 1, the day after existing parking permits expire.  A letter from the city regarding the program began to arrive in College Terrace mailboxes today.

Note: We have received reports from residents that materials in some of the letters are incomplete

The letter should include 3 items: a cover letter (“Dear College Terrace Resident”), a Permit Renewal form, and a First Time Permit Purchase Form. If you are missing an item, email or call Jonathan DeSilva ( / 650-329-2544).

If you do not have time to renew before the end of the month and you have a current parking permit on your vehicle, don’t panic, your sticker will keep your vehicle from being cited during a grace period running through September 30, according to the program’s rules.

As per the new municipal fee schedule, part of the overall fiscal year budget approved by the city council in June, the fee for each annual residential parking permit in College Terrace rises to $50 from the current $40 per vehicle. The cost of yearly guest permits will also go up by $10 to the new fee of $50. Daily guest permits will remain at the current price of $5.

The current $40 fee for annual permits has been in effect since 2011. Fifty dollars is also the new standardized price for residential parking permits in other neighborhoods, which much more recently became part of parking permit programs. Those include Downtown, Evergreen Park, Mayfield, and Southgate. Note that all these newer Palo Alto parking programs do not run under the same regulations as ours.

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