UniLu Considering EV Chargers

Update (January 15, 2021): Thanks for all the feedback! After surveying the neighborhood, the church was unable to generate enough interest to warrant installing EV chargers at this time.

University Lutheran Church, located on Bowdoin Street at Stanford Avenue, is interested in installing EV chargers that would be available for use by College Terrace neighbors. They’re currently trying to assess whether these chargers would be used. See the note below and let them know if you’d use these chargers.

Hi neighbors, 

Do you own an electric vehicle (EV) OR are you planning to make an EV your next car*?  If so, do you need access to EV charging stations in or around College Terrace?

We’d like to install EV charging stations for neighborhood use at Bowdoin and Stanford Avenue to support the growth of EV adoption.*

Would this be a valuable resource for you now or for a future resource? 

If yes, please let me know. 

Kim Marinucci Acker
Climate Action Team Leader
University Lutheran Church
kimacker @ gmail . com

* EV vehicles are becoming more and more affordable in the used market ($8,500-$19K) not including the reduced cost of ownership (no gas and greatly reduced maintenance–no oil, tune ups, transmission repairs)

5 thoughts on “UniLu Considering EV Chargers

  1. Craig Laughton says:

    Where, and how will those vibrating electrons be generated? And at what cost (both economic and environmental)?

  2. Kim says:

    I’m a renter and can’t get a charger installed at my house. Having one this close would make it feasible for me to buy an electric or hybrid when I replace my car.

  3. Margaret Allen says:

    This is a fantastic offer. Home installation of these chargers is still pretty expensive and I know people who are reluctant to buy an EV because of that. I have my own, but I hope there is enough interest that you will feel good about doing this!

  4. John Black says:

    We appreciate UniLu’s commitment to helping our community and our environment. Would the proposed charging stations be accessed from Bowdoin Street or from Stanford Avenue?

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