Real Produce International Market is Open!

Finally, some good news to end 2020: Real Produce International Market is now open at the corner of El Camino and Oxford Street. This is the market that replaces Khoury’s Market and the College Terrace Market.

Unlike those previous markets, this one has large, colorful signs in the windows and huge bins of beautiful produce out front. Inside you’ll find more produce (including organic), a deli, meat counter, and a wide variety of items you won’t find at other grocery stores in Palo Alto.

Celebrate the New Year by shopping and supporting our new local market!

3 thoughts on “Real Produce International Market is Open!

  1. Donya says:

    My first experience at Real Produce International Market was very positive. I hope this market is a keeper.

  2. Allen Baum says:

    As I’ve commented elsewhere: this is a cornucopia of Middle Eastern selections, along with great fresh produce. The deli selection has a wide selection of salads. We went in looking for… a single avocado.
    We came out with: 2 shopping bags of food, … including an avocado. And the total cost was less than I was expecting.

  3. Mrs.M says:

    Great international stuff and very helpful staff. So happy to welcome the team—-And did I mention the prices are right! Thanks so much for coming to our neighborhood

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