College Terrace Residents Association Board Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday, April 11, 2024
Time: 7pm – 8:30 pm
Location: College Terrace Library

7:00pm  Agenda changes and “Open mic” time (Richard)

  • Open meeting & review agenda items

7:10pm  Annual Meeting Review and Ballot/Nominees 2024-25 (Board)

  • Review agenda and any outstanding items
  • Event set-up, confirmed food donations, speaker system, etc.
  • Confirm volunteers and timing (set-up & clean-up)

7:25pm   CTRA Board Position Revisions to the ByLaws (Richard)

7:30pm  CTRA Spring Event (Mary)

  • Review details, timing, set-up, volunteers, etc.
  • Real Produce updates, amounts, etc.
  • Review confirmed RSVPs

7:40pm  Strategic Planning Bike & Pedestrian Safety (Bridget, Leah & Melissa)

  • Stanford Avenue
  • Escondido Elementary updates
  • Overall Terrace

7:50pm  Meeting Minutes Approval (Diane)

  • Review Meeting Minutes & Approve

8:00pm Issues in Palo Alto and CTRA Board involvement (Richard)

  • Bike Lanes of El Camino – City Council Meeting – April 29th
  • Conversion of the Movie Theater to an Office Complex at Palo Alto Square

VIRTUAL – “Around the Terrace” Updates (Melissa)

  • Align on announcements/information needing to be shared with College Terrace
  • Update on website
  • Please email Melissa directly


  • Overall 2024 Meetings
  • College Terrace Block Party/Picnic Event Planning