College Terrace Board Meeting & Agenda: Thursday, 1/25 @ 7pm

Date: Thursday, January 25, 2024
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Location: College Terrace Library
2300 Wellesley St.
Palo Alto, CA 94306

7:00   Agenda changes and “Open mic” time (Richard)

  • Open meeting & review agenda items

7:10  Stanford Research Park Updates (Melanie)

  • Tiffany Griego Introduction and Q&A 

7:40  CTRA Treasure Role (Board)

  • Review and vote for James Cook as replacement Treasurer role

7:45  CTRA Events & Activities Coordinator Role (Board)

  • Vote for Eileen’s new position as one of our two Activities Coordinators

7:50 1361 Stanford Avenue item regarding code violations (Ann)

  • Review City’s lack of response
  • Discuss how best to support neighbors in their efforts

8:00  University Lutheran Church Donation (Ann)

  • Review donation approval

8:15  Meeting Minutes Approval (Diane)

  • Review Meeting Minutes & Approve

VIRTUAL – “Around the Terrace” Updates (Melissa)

  • Align on announcements/information needing to be shared with College Terrace
  • Update on website
  • Please email Melissa directly


  • Planning for Annual Meeting and Ballot/Nominees 2024-25
  • Planning for a 2024 Fund Raising Event 
  • Need to select date for February meeting; Confirm RSVP the library (Alex Perez)
  • Palo Alto Neighborhood Preparedness Coordinators (NPC) and Certified Emergency Response Team for College Terrace