Palo Alto Residents’ Input Needed: Traffic & Safety Surveys

“Active Palo Alto” & “Safer Palo Alto”: Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan Update

The Office of Transportation is updating the City’s existing Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan (BPTP) plan with an initiative called Active Palo Alto. The initiative seeks to reflect the community’s needs and desires, consider recent trends in cycling and bicycle technology, and address changes in bicycle and pedestrian planning and design.

In parallel, the city has launched Safer Palo Alto (Safe Streets for All (SS4A) Safety Action Plan) which targets eliminating traffic deaths and life-changing injuries on local streets.

CTRA encourages all residents to COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING SURVEYS:

1. Interactive Map Survey
This interactive map allows residents to highlight areas they believe need attention. 

2. Road Safety Survey
This survey will be instrumental to understanding constituents’ attitudes for cyclist and pedestrian safety and how Palo Alto can better prioritize safety measures and infrastructure.