College Terrace Residents’ Association: Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday, October 26, 2023
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Location: College Terrace Library


7:00   Agenda changes and “Open mic” time: 

  • Richard to open meeting & review agenda items
  • Review approving a proclamation thanking former CTRA board members Ed and Anne Schmitt (Ann)

7:10  CTRA By-Laws Review (Bridget)

  • Overview of existing By-Laws

7:30  Stanford Community Plan (Pria)

  • Update board and community about Stanford Community Plan

7:40  Office of Transportation: Traffic Safety Surveys (Melissa)

  • Update on pedestrian and cyclist surveys from Palo Alto office of transportation

7:50  Meeting Minutes Approval (Diane)

  • Review Meeting Minutes & Approve

8:00  City Observer to the CTRA Board (Bridget)

  • Nomination and Possible Vote to Add Leah Cowan

8:15  December Caroling Event (Mary)

  • Date, Time, Location
  • Discuss logistics, entertainment, food/beverages, etc. 

8:45  “Around the Terrace” Updates (Melissa)

  • Align on announcements/information needing to be shared with College Terrace
  • Update on website


  • Emailed Phil Kamhi about the concerns posed by resident Andrew Fetter re: mini golf positioned near the El Camino Real at California Avenue and have not heard back. We will get back to him in future.