College Terrace Residents Association: Board Meeting Agenda

Date: Thursday, August 31, 2023
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Location: College Terrace Library


      7:00   Agenda changes and “Open mic” time: 

  • Richard to open meeting & review agenda items

      7:05  Meeting with Stanford (Bridget & Richard):

  • Provide board with update from meeting with Stanford
  • Review output and takeaways from meeting

      7:30 Call with University Terrace HOA Leads (Melissa):

  • Provide board with update from introduction call with UT HOA Leads
  • Discuss how to include partnership with UT & collaboration for initiatives (i.e. Library, traffic, etc.)

      7:45 Meeting Minutes Approval (Diane/Richard):

  • Review Meeting Minutes & Approve

      8:00 College Terrace Block Party (Mary & Melissa):

  • Review Grant Guidelines & Eligibility Requirements
    • Overview of what is/is not allowed for reimbursement
    • Ensure Board is aligned on objectives of the Block Party 
  • Updates on Subcommittee’s Planning
    • Food Truck
    • CTRA Food/Beverages Provided
    • Music
    • Games
    • Inclusion and participation of residents supporting event set-up, break-down and activities
    • Palo Alto Library (Sue and Diana to attend; Library to be open)
  • Review budget allocation
  • Board and Block Leads Sharing EventBrite link with friends, family & neighbors
  • Update on current # of RSVPs

       8:30  College Terrace Block Leads (Melissa):

  • Updates on Block Lead Outreach to support engagement and expanded reach of residents
  • Input and Feedback from Block Leads
  • Review integration on how to further include Block Leads with CTRA

       8:45  “Around the Terrace” Updates (Melissa):

  • Align on announcements/information needing to be shared with College Terrace
  • Update on website