Happy Holidays from the CTRA

Thanks to everyone who turned out for our Winter Sing-a-Long last week! It was so much fun making our way up College Avenue, singing holidays songs–sometimes in tune, sometimes in sync–and spending time with neighbors.

Thanks to Eileen Stolee for organizing the sing-a-long (and for the colorful lanterns the kids carried), her husband Richard for leading the singers, and to everyone else who helped put on this delightful event. And extra thanks to Alex Perez and everyone at Library Services for allowing us to use the space outside the College Terrace Library, where we met up for hot cocoa and mulled wine before heading off to sing.

One thought on “Happy Holidays from the CTRA

  1. Steven H. Woodward says:

    During last Saturday’s storm, large amounts of water and silt were discharged into the streets, some front yards, and the Stanford Ditch in front of Uni Lu due to lax management of the creek following Stanford Ave, especially where it goes underground. There, a lowered grating trapped debris which blocked entrance to the underground portion leading to the overflows. Frist, the creek and grating should be monitored for accumulating debris. Second, Stanford should remove displaced silt from sites along Stanford Ave where it has accumulated.

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