Khoury's Market Is Closing

Almost one year after taking over the space formerly occupied by the College Terrace Market, it appears that Khoury’s Market will meet the same fate as its predecessor. On Friday morning, the Khoury family sent the following letter to the local community:

Customers and Neighbors:

It is with sadness and regret that Khoury Market must notify you that we will be closing as of [TBD].

Since we opened for business, we have worked hard to provide our customers with a gourmet shopping experience while maintaining a family-market atmosphere that allows us to understand and best serve the wants and needs of our neighborhood. We have sought to build relationships with and understand our customers in order to provide both the daily and specialty items needed to nourish our community.

Unfortunately, there have been several obstacles that have prevented us from being the success we endeavored to be. As you know, the store has been surrounded by fencing and scaffolding for a significant period of time while construction work has been undertaken in other parts of the building. This gives the impression that the store is not open for business and also covers the windows, resulting in a lack of natural light within the store. Construction vehicles have been parked around the building constantly. We have experienced numerous difficulties with the elevator – the sole access to the store – and proper signage directing our customers to our entrance has not been installed. All of this makes it difficult for our customers to enter the market and enjoy our services.

We have tried our best to overcome these challenges but have been unable to do so. We thank you for the opportunity to be of service and hope that we can continue to be so until our closing date.

Khoury Market

There’s no confirmed closing date but, in the meantime, everything in the store is 30% off.