CTRA Fall 2019 Newsletter

By now, most College Terrace residents should have received a copy of the CTRA’s fall newsletter “Views from the Terrace” on their doorstep. (Thanks to all our volunteers for delivering the newsletters!) If you didn’t receive one, or prefer to read it online, you can download the newsletter here.

The newsletter includes a recap of the CTRA’s summer activities from CTRA President Chris Saccheri, as well as reports from Stanford Observer Pria Graves (on the Stanford GUP process) and California Avenue Business District Observer Ann Balin. There is also a piece on sustainability, including a detailed overview of public transportation options available around College Terrace.

Thanks to CTRA Communications Director Jens Jensen for putting the newsletter together and to Susan Wilson for doing the layout.

Finally, the CTRA is looking for volunteers for board positions starting early next year. It isn’t a big time commitment, but it is a fantastic way to serve your neighborhood and community. If you’re interested in carrying on the work that the CTRA does for our neighborhood, please email CTRA president Chris Saccheri.

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