CTRA Spring 2019 Newsletter

By now, most College Terrace residents should have received a copy of the CTRA’s Spring newsletter “Views from the Terrace” on their doorstep. (Thanks to Erika Enos and her band of volunteers for delivering the newsletters!) If you didn’t receive one, or prefer to read it online, you can download the newsletter here.

The newsletter includes a piece on “Life in College Terrace” by CTRA Social Coordinator Taylor Brady, as well as reports from Stanford Observer Pria Graves and City Observer Margaret Heath (writing about Khoury’s Market). California Avenue Observer Ann Balin contributed a piece about the coyotes that visited College Terrace last year. Thanks to CTRA Communications Director Jens Jensen for putting the newsletter together and to Susan Wilson for doing the layout.

At the end of the newsletter are short biographies of the nominees for the 2019-20 CTRA Board of Directors. The election will be held at our annual meeting this Saturday, March 23rd, at 10am at University Lutheran Church. If you can’t attend, but still want to vote in the election, you can download an absentee ballot (see the ballot for submission instructions).

We’re still looking for volunteers for a handful of positions including Secretary, Research Park Observer, and Social Coordinator. If you’re interested in serving on the board, please email current CTRA president James Cook, or just come to the meeting and volunteer. It’s a fantastic way to serve your neighborhood and community!

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