Return of the College Terrace Market?

When the College Terrace Market closed abruptly in December after just six months in business, many in the neighborhood wondered how long it would be before a new grocery store took its place. Wonder no more for, as reported earlier this week by both the Palo Alto Weekly and Palo Alto Daily Post, the former owners of JJ&F market are planning to open a new market in the same space later this year.

Joe Khoury bought JJ&F from the Garcia family in 2011 and ran the market until 2013 when the building was torn down to make way for the College Terrace Centre.  Khoury has returned to run the new grocery store and “is looking forward to re-connecting with old friends here as we open our market with locally sourced produce, meats and, of course, our enduring emphasis on service.” It’s unclear what the new market will be called–the JJ&F name is still owned by the Garcia family–or exactly when it will open, but we’re looking forward to having a neighborhood grocery store again!