2023-24 Board Election Absentee Ballot

Residents will vote on and elect new CTRA board members for the upcoming year at the CTRA’s annual meeting on Saturday, March 11, 2022.

Can’t attend the meeting but still want to vote? No problem! Complete the ballot below by 9:30am on Saturday morning, March 11, before ballot collection is completed at the CTRA Annual Meeting at University Lutheran Church Sanctuary.


Vice President

Bridget McCormick grew up in College Terrace and is living in her childhood home with her husband and two daughters (7 and 4 years old). She’s a Psychotherapist with a private practice in Palo Alto where she treats adolescents and college-aged adults. She’s passionate about inclusiveness and equity. You’ll occasionally catch her two old dogs taking themselves on a walk around the neighborhood.


Eileen Stolee and her husband Richard moved to College Terrace in 1976, raised both their adult children here, and bought their home in 1988 after 12 years as renters. For 18 years, Eileen worked with Klutz Inc., a Palo Alto company, as a product designer. Eileen has been the CTRA secretary in the past and would like to continue to serve on this board.

Communications Director

Melissa Oliveira has lived in College Terrace for 14 years. She lives in the Terrace with her husband, Joe, where they have raised their four boys. Melissa is an active member of the community and regularly volunteers at Escondido Elementary to support the incredible teachers and administrators who bring educational enrichment to the community. Her family is very engaged in both the College Terrace community as well as the overall Palo Alto/Stanford community -- AYSO Soccer, Palo Alto Soccer Club, Palo Alto Art Center, Foothills Tennis & Swimming Club and Stanford University's Windhover Contemplative Center.


Diane Finkelstein is a retired attorney who moved to Dartmouth Street with her late husband Solon in 1967 where they raised four children. She has been involved with neighborhood issues over the years, most recently in the creation of the Residential Parking Program and the eternal battle to keep open the College Terrace library.

Social Coordinator

California Avenue Business District Observer

Ann Balin’s family moved from San Francisco to College Terrace in 1926. She worked in publishing in Manhattan for 10 years, then returned with husband Fred. She started up and ran the community volunteer dinner program at Ronald McDonald House for a decade, then worked for 15 years as an ESL teacher at Language Pacifica, formerly on California Ave. Her civic efforts included saving the Varsity Theatre and Saint Ann Chapel from demolition and work on several political campaigns.

City of Palo Alto Observer

OPEN position, seeking volunteer

Stanford Observer

Pria Graves and her husband have lived in their historic home on Yale Street for more than 35 years. She was closely involved in both the 2000 and 2018 Stanford GUP processes and continues to serve on the Community Resource Group (CRG), providing County staff with an exchange of information and community perspectives regarding development Stanford. She also represents that group as part of a stakeholder group advising County staff on the San Juan Neighborhood historic survey.

Stanford Research Park Observer

Returning to her house on Yale in College Terrace, Melanie has focused the last five years on affordable housing options and neighborhood preservation. She has been the Observer for Stanford Research Park and reports on new developments afoot. Melanie started her involvement in College Terrace by advocating for a grocery store nearby, now Real Produce International Market. Since then she advocates for a green neighborhood with waterwise and drought tolerant planting in gardens and streets for residents’ enjoyment and health.