2021-22 CTRA Board Election Ballot

Vote for the 2021-22 College Terrace Residents Association board of directors. For each role, you can either vote for the candidate listed or write in another candidate (click the “Write-In…” button and a field will appear where you can type in a name).

Please submit your ballot before the annual meeting on Saturday, March 20, at 10am. Register here for the annual meeting.


James Cook lives with his wife Wendy and son Chris on College Ave (and our dog Koda Bear). James volunteered on the CTRA board, the Utilities Advisory Commission and the Palo Alto PTA Council and is currently building up a start-up focused on utility scale renewable energy.

Vice President

Dan Kaleba lives with his wife, Julie, and four children on California Avenue, and has been a College Terrace resident since 2004. His goals for CTRA are to promote community, especially as we have more opportunities to gather in 2021, and to increase bicycle and pedestrian safety in our neighborhood, especially for children crossing the El Camino and Page Mill corridors. He is a lawyer.


Sukhi Nagesh lives with his wife Alicia on College Ave with their sons and dog Toby. They have lived in the neighborhood for nearly a decade and truly enjoy the diversity and inclusiveness of the community. Sukhi has a finance background and works in tech while Alicia teaches at Stanford. Sukhi also volunteers as a member of the PAUSD Citzens oversight Committee for the school Bond program.

Communications Director

Chris Saccheri has lived in College Terrace since 2005 and currently lives with his wife Anna, three children, two chickens, and one cat on Dartmouth St. He can often be found playing with his kids at Werry Park or volunteering at Escondido. Chris is the owner of Linden Tree Books in downtown Los Altos.


Eileen Stolee and her husband Richard moved to College Terrace in 1976, raised both their adult children here, and bought their home in 1988 after 12 years as renters. For 18 years, Eileen worked with Klutz Inc., a Palo Alto company, as a product designer. Eileen has been the CTRA secretary in the past and would like to continue to serve on this board.

Social Coordinator

Mary Bartholomay is a long-time resident of College Terrace. An avid gardener, she was for several years the class and events coordinator at Common Ground. She has an extensive background in organizing community events, including international symposia and lectures as an art historian, and fundraisers and other events as a community organizer in Los Angeles. You may know her ginger tabby cat, Purple, who often sits on the sidewalk, accepting pets and adoration from anyone passing by.

California Avenue Business District Observer

Ann Balin’s family moved from San Francisco to College Terrace in 1926. She worked in publishing in Manhattan for 10 years, then returned with husband Fred. She started up and ran the community volunteer dinner program at Ronald McDonald House for a decade, then worked for 15 years as an ESL teacher at Language Pacifica, formerly on California Ave. Her civic efforts included saving the Varsity Theatre and Saint Ann Chapel from demolition and work on several political campaigns.

City of Palo Alto Observer

Annette Ross has lived on Amherst Street since 1982 as both a renter and a home owner. Her two children attended Escondido and she cherishes the eclectic, family-friendly vibe of College Terrace. In the past, Annette served on the CTRA Board as Research Park Observer. Prior to that she was involved with the group of neighbors that met regularly (weekly, for a while!) regarding the College Terrace Centre project. Annette tracks what is going on in town and regularly watches City Council meetings.

Stanford Observer

Pria Graves and her husband have lived in their historic home on Yale Street for more than 35 years. She was closely involved in both the 2000 and 2018 Stanford GUP processes and continues to serve on the Community Resource Group (CRG), providing County staff with an exchange of information and community perspectives regarding development Stanford. She also represents that group as part of a stakeholder group advising County staff on the San Juan Neighborhood historic survey.

Stanford Research Park Observer

Melanie Grondel moved to Yale Street in 1994. She strongly supports the livability of our neighborhood. Attending CTRA and city council meetings, she advocated for the grocery market. A gardener of a mix of flowers, vegetables and pollinaror plants, she has a keen interest in landscaping and the green space of our neighborhood. After a career in Silicon Valley, she now is a volunteer at the Bechtel International Center at Stanford.